Br De Fr
Fast Loader Mag I
GP cost

1 day - 300 GP

7 days - 1,470 GP

30 days - 8,850 GP

90 days - 16,200 GP


Ico rank07 02Staff Sergeant/II


Clip Size -20%
Reload Speed +20%

This article refers to the first tier of Fast Loader Mag. For other uses, see Fast Loader Mag (disambiguation).

Shorter magazines which have smaller round capacities but allow for faster reloads.
  — Item Description 

The Fast Loader Mag I is a magazine modification introduced in the 11-12-08 Patch. It is purchasable from the Shop for 300 GP for a day.


Fast Loader Mag I, when equipped on a weapon, decreases magazine size by 20%, but also decreases reload time by 20% as well. This is very beneficial for weapons with high default ammunition, such as machine guns.

30 rounds (most weapons) - 24 rounds

35 rounds (e.g. M6A2, REC7, UMP) - 28 rounds

100 rounds (all MGs) - 80 rounds

5 rounds (sniper rifles) - 4 rounds


  • Like all magazine mods, Fast Loader Mag I does not change the actual appearance of the gun's magazine.

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