Br De Fr
Fire mask
FG-1 Fire Mask
GP cost

30 Days - 2,700 GP

90 Days - 9,750 GP

NX cost

30 Days - 1,500 NX

90 Days - 3,900 NX


Ico rank10 05Command Sergeant Major/V


Below Average


Fire Protection +85%


The FG-1 Fire Mask is an NX Face item. It provides an amazing +85% protection to fire damage. It like the GP AF-II Fire Mask which has the same amount of protection it just cost GP. Currently there are only two masks that protect from fire: the FG-1 Fire Mask and the AF-II Fire Mask. It is quite uncommon because the use of fire is quite underused and many players would prefer to use a face item that improves speed or headshot protection.



GP Standard AF-II Fire Mask
FG-1 Fire Mask
NX Standard FG-1 Fire Mask

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