A modified version of the F2000 that has been upgraded to allow for increased customization.
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The F2000 Tactical is an NX-Standard Assault Rifle added in the 9/8/10 mid-month Supply Drop.


The F2000 Tactical is a hybrid of the F2000 and the FS2000, removing the proprietary F2000 scope in favor of a top receiver rail and an attached fore-grip. Its weapon stats are in-between the two other F2000 variants and is statistically identical to the FAMAS SE.

Similar to both the FS2000 and the F2000, the F2000 Tactical features extremely fast spread recovery in addition to a quick draw speed and short reload time. Compared to the FS2000, the F2000 Tactical has slightly more horizontal recoil, making it less favorable for medium-range spraying. As a result of these characteristics, it fulfills a niche in the Black Market's NX standard Assault Rifle category: It combines the high spread recovery and accuracy of the FAMAS G2, the damage of the M416 CQB, and a spraying recoil pattern comparable to that of a M6A2 SRT.



Bronze III
Silver II
F2000 Tactical
Silver III
(ACE) F2000 Tactical
O.J.B. F2000 Tactical
Gold I
Gold II
Deckland's F2000 Tactical Epic


  • When released in Combat Arms Europe, the stat bars were the same as the F2000, the NX Rare gun, instead of the "real" stats (which are on par with the FAMAS G2).
  • It was Released in Combat Arms Brazil on 28/07/2011 along with the GP Variant, FS2000
  • When walking from side to side while firing, the F2000 Tactical places its shots near center of the reticle. When firing, the first three shots of the F2000 go straight up, while the F2000 Tactical fires four shots straight up. Finally, when a player equips an iTech Reflex Sight (purchased with GP) or the HDS-4 Reflex Sight (purchased with NX) onto a F2000 Tactical, the accuracy surpasses that of the F2000.
  • This and Deckland's F2000 Tactical are the only weapons in the F2000 family to have a vertical foregrip
  • The empty round casings are ejected out of the firing end of the reciever.


  • The drawing animation of the F2000 Tactical.
  • The firing animation of the F2000 Tactical.
  • The reloading animation of the F2000 Tactical.
  • The sprinting animation of the F2000 Tactical.