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Eye Patch

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How to obtain
Completed the Hard mode of Desert Fox
Headshot Protection +5%

Flash Protection+15%

Sprint Stamina +10%

A reward item obtained by completing Fireteam mode in Operation: Desert Fox on Hard diificulty."
  — Item Description 


The Eye Patch is the reward for completing Desert Fox, Fireteam on hard difficulty. This eye patch looks similar to "Z"'s eye patch.

Players may choose to complete Desert Fox on Hard difficulty to create themselves that "Pirate" look coupled with the Kepi and Dom Pedro Sword. The Eye patch features a 10% Sprint Stamina boost, Flash protection of 15% (where players may simply just purchase the Anti-Flash Goggles which make the Player fully immune to any flash grenades) and a Headshot protection of 5%. However, Players may want to target the Extreme Eye Patch since it provides much better advantages (combining the Extreme Eye Patch with the Shapka will give a combined sprint stamina of 55% boost!) and an even more resisting effect against flash grenades.



Eye Patch
Extreme Eye Patch


  • It is believed that player(s) claimed this as a trophy for defeating "Z". Literally.
  • It is popular with combining head gears that give massive amounts of sprint stamina boosts (E.g. Shapka).
  • Statistically, the Boost in Sprint Stamina is the only useful trait for this reward item. Whether the Eye Patch was received via completion on Extreme or Hard difficulty.

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