Increases maximum capacity of the magazine.
  — Item Description 

Extended Magazine II is a magazine modification that is purchasable from the Shop using GP. It increases magazine size but also increases reload time.


Extended Magazine II increases magazine size by variable amounts depending on the weapon class. However, it also increases the time that is needed to reload by 20%. For example, an assault rifle with 30-round magazines modified with Extended Magazine II would have 45-round magazines with a slower reload speed. It is purchasable from the Shop for 400 GP for a day. It is most often used in SMGs and assault rifles to increase the amount of bullets that can be fired at once without reloading.

List of Magazine Increases

  • SMGs and Assault Rifles: + 15 rounds
  • Machine Guns: + 50 rounds
  • Sniper Rifles and Shotguns: + 4 rounds
  • Pistols: + 7 rounds


The Extended Magazine II can be purchased at these costs:

  • 400 GP per 1 day
  • 1,960 GP per 7 days
  • 7,800 GP per 30 days
  • 21,600 GP per 90 days


  • Like all magazine mods, Extended Magazine II does not change the outward appearance of any guns it is equipped on.

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