This article refers to the first tier of Extended Magazine. For other uses, see Extended Magazine (disambiguation).

Increases maximum capacity of the magazine.
  — Item Description [src]

Extended Magazine I is a magazine modification that increases magazine size at the cost of reload speed. It is purchasable from the Shop using GP.


Extended Magazine I increases magazine size by various amounts based on weapon class and decreases reload speed by 10%. For example, a 30-round SMG with Extended Magazine I added would have 40-round magazines with a 10% slower reload. It is purchasable from the Shop for 200 GP for a day.

List of Magazine Increases


Currently, Extended Magazine I is purchasable at these prices:

  • 200 GP for one day
  • 980 GP for 7 days
  • 3,900 GP for 30 days
  • 10,800 GP for 90 days


  • Like all magazine mods, Extended Magazine I does not alter the outward appearance of any gun it is used in conjunction with.
  • There is also the Extended Magazine II , which gives more ammo space than the I edition.

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