An Explosive Barrel is an explosive prop which you would find in many different maps including Junk Flea, Oil Rig, Showdown, Warhead Grave Digger, etc. There are two types of explosive barrels—Green Barrels and Red Barrels.

Green Barrel

Upon destroying it it will explode, doing a maximum damage of 81? to anyone within its blast radius. Its blast radius is fairly small, smaller than that of a M67 Frag, but slightly more than a M93 Hornet.It is the most common type of barrel found in many different maps. It takes approximately 120 damage to destroy a Green Barrel.

Red Barrel (aka. Super Barrel)

The Red Barrel is exclusive to Warhead in Quarantine Regen, and is by far stronger than the Green Barrel. It takes at least 1500 damage to destroy, and deals immense damage. The explosion has enough force to kill all zombies, including host Crusher Mutagen (even if they manage to survive the blast, they are still unable to get through the door-frame due to their large size).


  • When the Red Barrel takes in approximately 200 damage, it will set on fire.
  • As a zombie, you can avoid any impact damage from these barrels by hiding behind an object so that most of the barrel is no longer visible, but you are still in attacking range of the visible part. This works particularly well when destroying the Red Barrel.

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