A lightweight and aerodynamic backpack made to maximize mobility. The design is based on the Modular Backpack.
  — Item Description 

The Expert Modular Backpack is a 2-Star Gold Grade Backpack and is a variant of the Advanced Modular Backpack.


The Expert Modular Backpack is one of the best backpacks available in the game; it gives the player wearing it +4 backpack slots with zero speed drawbacks making it one of the most useful Gear in the game.


Events & Trivia

The Expert Modular Backpack made its second appearance on the 2015 WINTER SALE MAYHEM – Finale! and was on sale for Permanent for 28,400 NX.

  • The original Modular Backpack, Advanced Modular Backpack, and Expert Modular Backpack all look the same appearance wise.
  • The Expert Modular Backpack's original price is only 1,780 NX more than the Advanced Modular Backpack.


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