Experience Points (shortened to EXP) are points earned after a match. Like Gear Points, the better you do, the more EXP you earn. Gaining more Experience gets you closer to obtaining the rank above the current one you have. For example, pretend you're new in Combat Arms and are starting with the Trainee rank. To get promoted to the Recruit rank, you're going to need to play enough matches to earn yourself 550 EXP (the required amount for that rank). Missions (like Flag capturing and Bomb planting) actually increase EXP per match, so do various missions to get promoted faster. The Bonus EXP Pass (25%) and the (40%) version increases your earned EXP per match by a fraction more. After the debut of the HiSec Cases, the gray case began to offer a special item that can double (200%) the amount of EXP earned per match for a certain number of matches. Also completing any Mini-Missions also gives you extra experience(usually 5-25EXP).


  • When someone has Ten Million experience points or more, they cease to show up on the Combat Arms site clan listings. However, they still show up in the in-game clan tab.

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