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In Combat Arms, an event is a special occurrence, often coinciding with a real world celebration or holiday. Events are usually activated by the release of a new patch, and ended by a subsequent patch. Many events recur every year, while others occur only once or only in alternate years.
Keep Checking For Events
Events can consist of special competitions, special weapon and gear sales, special contests, special giveaways, or some combination of these.

An incomplete list of past events

  • Recruiting Event
There have been at least four recruiting events so far. New accounts created during these events receive a free set of weapons (each event offered different weapons) with a seven day duration. Older players complained that they were ineligible for the reward, however these events are quite rare.
  • +% EXP/GP
Another randomly occurring event (often as a response to Nexon making mistakes), players earn  more experience and/or gp for each match completed. Many players enjoy these events to rank up faster and obtain more gp. 
  • Holiday Gifting
After the gift option for NX items was added to the game, players who had gifted an item to another player were randomly chosen to receive the same item for themselves for free.
  • Rank Up Event
These events encourage players to rank up to a certain rank or higher. After the event is over, random players with a rank equal to or higher than the designated rank are be chosen for prizes.
  • Market Sale
When new NX items are added to the Black Market, the prices of certain items are marked down. In some instances, item packs of expendable items are made available to encourage players to buy in quantity.
  • GM Live
During prearranged times, a group of four GMs would start a 16-player One Man Army match on a random server. Players who can beat the GMs (they only have one chance per 24 hours) by getting 1st place would receive 10,000 NX. Players who distinguished themselves in the battle would also get an item from the GMs. GM Live was also hosted for clans during April as the "Nut Shot Edition".
  • Hot Shot Events 
Events which Nexon gives free stuff for logging in a particular time. Rewards range from MYST Cases to permanent guns.
  • Log-In Events
Events very similar to Hot-Shot events in which Nexon gives free stuff to players simply by logging in. These includes events not officially directed by Nexon as Hot-Shot.

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