Similar to Weapon Renewal Kit, this item increases the length of time remaining for your Primary Epic weapons.
  — Item Description 

The Epic Renewal Kit is a variant of the Weapon Renewal Kit, first released in Combat Arms Brazil between 07/25/2013 and 07/31/2013. 

In its respective server, it is the only item that can renew epic weapons. Since the standard Weapon Renewal Kit or Super Weapon Renewal Kit can already do this in other servers, it does not exist in those servers.


When activated, the Epic Renewal Kit will extend the usage period of a selected Epic Item for a random amount of time.

Possible durations include:

  • 1 Day (very common)
  • 3 Day (common)
  • 7 Day (common)
  • 10 Day (uncommon)
  • 15 Day (uncommon)
  • 30 Day (very uncommon)
  • 45 Day (extremely uncommon)
  • 60 Day (rare)
  • 90 Day (very rare)
  • Permanent (extremely rare, will show as +999 days and the remaining time as 'one hour below')

Anything extended by more than 60 days will be announced to everyone within the channel and in-game.



GP Standard
Weapon Renewal Kit
Supreme Weapon Renewal Kit
NX Standard
Weapon Renewal Kit
Super Weapon Renewal Kit
Epic Renewal Kit
Mythic Renewal Kit
Weapon License
Mythic Weapon License
Weapon Patch Kit