The Combat Arms Wiki does not support the violation of Nexon's Terms of Service or anything that is construed by Nexon as such. This page is strictly for educational purposes, and is meant to inform the reader.

Elite Kick/Random Kick

Advanced Player Select, Random, Super/Elite Moderator


Player (Hack Category)


Menu Toggle/Player Select


Allows user to kick anyone from the room, regardless of Room Status

Elite Kick or Random Kick is a fairly new hack which made its first appearance in 2011 but only in V.I.P hacks. The hack allows the user to kick anyone from the room regardless of what team the player is one or if the host of the game is an Elite Moderator or Super Elite Moderator . Although the hack allows the user to kick anyone from the game, there is still the time restriction, similar to the Vote Kick System. The player has to wait 5 minutes to kick again, but by that time, the hacker would have already been kicked /vote kicked from the room, or the hacker uses Crash on Kick. The current known way to counter this hack is to ask players to vote 'No' for the kick or kick the hacker in the lobby.

Reporting Hackers

Every hacker should be reported, however make sure you are 100% sure that he/she is hacking before reporting. Helping a hacker or benefiting from a hacker is against Nexon's Terms of Service and is one way to get suspended and possibly banned from the game.

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