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Increase your team's focus and concentration! Using this ability will improve accuracy for both you and your team mates. The effect will not apply to any weapons that do not depend on accuracy
  — Item Description 

Eagle Eye is an ability that was released on the 5-17-12 Patch. Eagle Eye can only be equipped by Operatives. The ability can be purchased both in the Black Market and the Shop.


According to the item's description, Eagle Eye improves weapon accuracy and decreases recoil once the ability is activated. The ability affects the user and his or her allies. The Eagle Eye's feature doesn't work on weapons that does not require accuracy (such as melee weapons, First Aid Kit, M32, etc).

Eagle Eye can be used for weapons that has a high amount of recoil, such as the Minigun.

How to use

To activate it, the player press the keys ~ plus the number of the ability slot the Eagle Eye is in, together at once. The ability will be active for a couple of seconds, then it will deactivate. Eagle Eye will be restored after a period amount of time.



Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye Gold


  • Eagle Eye, Warlord, and War Cry are the current abilities Operatives.
  • Eagle Eye and War Cry are the currently the only 2 abilities that play a soundtrack theme when a player uses them. Everyone in the team can also hear it.
    • Eagle Eye has a different soundtrack theme than War Cry.
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