In 2013 when the Go4CA Tournament was in progress, ESL teams were given the opportunity to qualify for one of the four quarterly finals. If their ESL team had earned sufficient points to be positioned in the top 8 teams they would be invited to participate in these cups.

By winning one of these cups, the winning team would be granted a slot to enter the LAN finals held in Cologne Germany. If by any chance the winning team would win another quarterly final the team next in line would be selected.

Apart from winning a sum of money the teams had the ability to win exclusive golden helmets. The four players that would win the final and thus the cup would get these. All of these helmets have a permanent duration.

Although four quarterly finals would have originally been scheduled, only three were officially held. The last quarterly was altered to a special invitational cup where the teams that had already qualified would not be allowed to participate. The major difference with this cup was that there was no prize money involved and no golden helmets as a reward for winning it.

The first helmet in line was the ESL Bonehead Helmet. It is a golden Bonehead Helmet with Go4CA and 1/4 written on it. As stated above only four players have this helmet so it’s extremely rare to find someone wearing them in game.

None of the Golden helmets give stats to the player so they are just a display of championship winners.

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