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Br De Fr
EOD Suit
NX cost

1 Day - 400 NX

7 Days - 1,500 NX

30 Days - 3,000 NX

90 Days - 5,000 NX






When equipped, the player's gear has the appearance of a bomb squad suit.

A special suit designed to protect the body from impact and shrapnel during ordinance disposal or detonation. Also known as the Bomb Squad Suit.
  — Item Description 

The EOD Suit is a Cosmetic Item that covers the player's entire gear layout. The EOD Suit was first leaked through the Developer's Blog, and consequently released through the 9/19/12 Content Update.


The EOD Suit, when worn, looks big in appearance, therefore making the player seem larger then usual. This can be a disadvantage, as the player's hitbox appears more vulnerable and bigger when wearing this suit (therefore, making the player easier to hit). However, the EOD Suit allows a players character to be entirely concealed. 

This is very useful for kick evasion from an Elite Moderator, if one is using a Specialist.


  • The EOD Suit is a bombsuit worn by EOD technicians for disposing bombs.
  • In reality, this suit would decrease a person's speed when walking/running due to the large amount of protection making the suit heavy.
  • In reality, a player would be unable to snipe or used a scoped weapon while using this suit due to the face covering blocking the scope (ex. when scoping in a EOD, the the character model moves the scope "though" the face covering to put it in line with their eye.)
  • Some players jokingly call this suit the "Teletubby suit" and calls anyone who wears it a "teletubby". Other players refer to it as the "juggernaut" - in reference to a type of enemy from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare franchise which wears an EOD suit.
  • No matter what mercenary, specalist, or character you have equipped, you will always be treated as a male in game. (Eg. Male voice controls)
  • It was available for permanent duration during the One Day Sale on 4/12/13, at a price of 4,080 NX.


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