A special suit designed to protect the body from impact and shrapnel during ordinance disposal or detonation. Also known as the Bomb Squad Suit.
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The EOD Suit is a Cosmetic Item that covers the player's entire gear layout. The EOD Suit was first leaked through the Developer's Blog, and consequently released through the 9/19/12 Content Update.


The EOD Suit, when worn, looks big in appearance, therefore making the player seem larger then usual. This can be a disadvantage, as the player's hitbox appears more vulnerable and bigger when wearing this suit (therefore, making the player easier to hit). However, the EOD Suit allows a players character to be entirely concealed. 

This is very useful for kick evasion from an Elite Moderator, if one is using a Specialist.



NX Standard
EOD Suit
Christmas EOD Suit
TEC Cleanroom Suit (Researcher)
TEC Cleanroom Suit (Executive)


  • The EOD Suit is a bombsuit worn by EOD technicians for disposing bombs.
  • In reality, this suit would decrease a person's speed when walking/running due to the large amount of protection making the suit heavy.
  • In reality, a player would be unable to snipe or used a scoped weapon while using this suit due to the face covering blocking the scope (ex. when scoping in a EOD, the the character model moves the scope "though" the face covering to put it in line with their eye.)
  • Some players jokingly call this suit the "Teletubby suit" and calls anyone who wears it a "Teletubby". Other players refer to it as a "Juggernaut Suit" - in reference to a type of enemy from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare franchise which wears a modified EOD suit which resists a heavy amount of bullet/ballistic damage (This however, does not apply to Combat Arms. Wearing this suit and any vests underneath regardless of how much protection it provides, does not allow you to resist the amount of bullet/ballistic damage the same way as the Juggernaut suit in Call of Duty Modern Warfare franchise)
  • No matter what mercenary, specalist, or character you have equipped, you will always be treated as a male in game. (Eg. Male voice controls)
  • It was available for permanent duration during the One Day Sale on 4/12/13, at a price of 4,080 NX.
  • When depicted holding certain types of weapons (such as rocket launchers/RPG) some weapons end up glitching through parts of the player/suit. This does not effect in-game play however.


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