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A reward item obtained by completing Fireteam mode on Hard difficulty of Operation: Black Lung
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The Dynamite is a special Explosive that can be obtained within Black Lung, and after completing it in Hard mode.


Dynamite is true to its legendary status as a powerful explosive. Instead of having to buy frag packs or a M69HE, you can simply use dynamite to blow a hole in your enemies' defences.



Dynamite HE
Dynamite Pack


Bronze III
Silver II
Dynamite HE
Silver III
Dynamite Pack


  • It is the first explosive Fireteam reward ever. It is also the first guaranteed Fireteam reward that is a weapon.
  • Dynamite has a much more powerful variant, Dynamite HE.
  • Though dynamite has frequently been requested, it wasn't released until over two years since the beginning of Combat Arms.
  • The method of detonation of the Dynamite is quite unrealistic. The player merely does an awkward priming hand motion and throws the Dynamite, without even lighting the fuse.
  • This can be used in conjunction with the M67 Frag Pack, Dynamite HE, M69HE to obtain high explosive power for pure GP users.


  • The drawing animation of the Dynamite.
  • The throwing animation of the Dynamite.
  • The sprinting animation of the Dynamite.