Dual-Wielding is a game mechanic that allows you to equip two of the same weapons. It is currently limited to two weapons, the Dual Skorpions and Orthus, the Epic variant of the Kriss submachine gun.


Dual-Wielding allows you to use two weapons at once, provided that they're both the same exact weapon and that they are both the right weapon type. The Dual Skorpions are a prime example of this.

Utilizing this method, you can quickly decimate your foes in an even shorter amount of time than you would with just a single weapon.

However, Dual-Wielding has many downsides, including portability, high recoil & knockback, long reloading time, and less peripheral vision towards your immediate surroundings.


  • This has been one of the most requested game features for the longest time. However, it has taken nearly four years to get to this point.
  • Players suspect that the reason why this feature was released NOW is because of community-wide discontent.


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