Drinking Hat

Drinking hat1

How to obtain
From the Cosmetic Shop
NX Cost
Permanent - 5,100 NX
A hands-free drinking system in combat
No information

Hat created to improve hydration during battle. Just be careful of what you put in there.
  — The Arsenal 

The Drinking Hat is a Cosmetic Item that was released with the 12-13-12 Content Update. It can be purchased at the Cosmetic Shop with NX.


The Drinking Hat is a Cosmetic Item that features a plastic cap with two soda cans equipped on each side. The Drinking Hat also features a metal microphone. The Drinking Hat is available in three different styles (see Gallery).

Just like every other cosmetic item, the Drinking Hat does not provide any boosts. It is purely used for cosmetic purposes.


  • This was sold for permanent duration for 2,550 NX on 05/03/13, during the One Day Sale.


  • Female character wearing a Drinking Hat.
  • Male player wearing the Drinking Hat.
  • Close up of the Drinking Hat.
  • Picture of the hats during the One Day Sale.

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