The improved version of the Dragunov SVD modified to increase damage.
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The Dragunov SVDS is the GP Rare variant of the original Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle.


The main difference between Dragunov SVD and Dragunov SVDS is the increased firepower (now as strong as the PSG-1) and black metal replacing the classic wooden frame. This weapon can perform one-hit-kills if the user is wearing a light vest.

Other minor changes in the Dragunov SVDS includes the coloration of the scope: changing from a dark green outline/inside (Dragunov SVD) to a blue-gray outline/inside (SVDS).



GP Standard
Dragunov SVD
GP Rare
Dragunov SVDS
NX Standard
Dragunov Black
NX Rare
Dragunov SVDS Ghillie
Hawk's Dragunov SVDS Epic


  • It was sold for permanent duration during the GP One Day Sale Part 2 for 99,000 GP.


  • The Dragunov SVDS can be confused with the Dragunov Black due to their striking resemblance. One can tell them apart by looking at the stock and the color of their scope lens, as the Dragunov Black has a fixed stock and a greenish tinge while the Dragunov SVDS has a folding stock and a grayish tinge.
  • Roughly translated, SVDS stands for "Dragunov sniper rifle with folding stock".
  • On Combat Arms's Rank Requirements page, the Dragunov SVDS is spelled as "Dragunov SVDs."


  • The drawing animation of the Dragunov SVDS.
  • The firing animation of the Dragunov SVDS.
  • The scoping animation of the Dragunov SVDS.
  • The reloading animation of the Dragunov SVDS.
  • The sprinting animation of the Dragunov SVDS.

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