Dr. MG
Dr MG2
Name Dr. MG
Class Abnormality
Rank Boss
Where Found Outpost 31
Weapons Minigun

Minigun: 25

Stomp: 50

Super Charge: 100

Weaknesses Back


Dr. MG was a research subject who had abnormal reactions to chemicals and was used by TEC to protect highly confidential data, the DM-09 samples.

Dr. MG, unlike most Abnormalities, retained most of his intelligence, being able to handle weapons attached to his arms, and also being able to aim effectively.


  • MG Attack: Dr. MG uses one arm to fire bullets.
  • Stomp: Dr. MG stomps the ground, damaging nearby players and NPCs.
  • Super Charge: Dr. MG charges at high speed in the direction of one player. Any player(s) and NPC(s) caught in this attack are instantly killed.
  • MG Barrage: A powerful attack. Dr. MG opens both his arms, firing bullets at two different directions and simultaneously closing them, as both arms reach the center, opening both arms again.


  • Shoot the blue bulge in the back.
  • Shooting him elsewhere does very little damage.
  • Spread out and flank him; don't clump together.
  • Keep your distance, his charge attack deals roughly 991 damage and is always fatal.
  • Watch out for Freezers. It is advised that these be taken care of using the RPGs found on the walls.
  • A well aimed crossbow is the most damaging weapon against him. Due to his weakspot being on the back, the assassin must get close and aim at the top of his back to make use of the additional headshot damage --best done while Dr. MG is performing MG barrage. Burst shot is recommended. NOTE: Dr. MG will turn toward the player if they are too close for too long.


  • Dr. MG is essentially a giant figure in an EOD Suit.



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