An upgraded version of the Double Barrel with an increased effective range.
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The Double Barrel Silver is a shotgun available in several GP and NX Supply Cases, including the old Supply Case SG-N and the GP version. Being a slightly improved model of the Double Barrel, the exterior structure of the weapon has new, dual-silver barrels, and it also has an increased effective range, allowing more potential for such a close-quarters weapon (the original variant required the user to be closer than most shotguns in the Shop to have the most damage inflicted). Accuracy, on the other hand, is the same, as the size of the crosshair retains the same size.

For players who are ranked Lieutenant Colonel II or higher, this shotgun is for rent for 1350 GP per 24 hours; aside from that, it is only obtainable now in the Supply Crate Myst-G.



  • When this shotgun was first released on a patch in 2009, it had very misleading statistics posted on Nexon's Combat Arms site. Notable stats included rather low damage and the ability to Burst Fire, which is strange for a weapon with a two-shell magazine to have. As a matter of fact, if one examines closely, the misleading stats were exactly the same as those of the Glock 18 pistol in the game.
    • This information was replaced by proper statistics after a while.


  • The drawing animation of the Double Barrel Silver.
  • The single firing animation of the Double Barrel Silver.
  • The single reloading animation of the Double Barrel Silver.
  • The double firing and reloading animation of the Double Barrel Silver.
  • The sprinting animation of the Double Barrel Silver.

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