A ceremonial sword similar to the one Dom Pedro, first Emperor of Brazil, used to wield. The long blade and fancy patterns give melee attacks a regal feel.
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The Dom Pedro Sword is a NX Melee weapon released in the 10/20 Content Update.


The DP sword is an exceedingly powerful weapon, with damage just above the Tracker Knife and the longest strike distance out of any purchasable melee weapon, surpassing even the Tomahawk's, Ninjato's, and even the Infected Claws range.

It quickly became much more used than the Ninjato due to its looks, overpowering range, and effectiveness against shifters using the swift Ninjato or any other weapon for that matter. (note: The DP sword is the only sword-length blade, and thus the only real sword, in the game). The Dom Pedro Sword is actually slower and heavier than the Tracker Knife, yet lighter than M9 default knife.

The primary attack is a downwards slash, and the secondary attack is a left-right swing. One hit on a full health from this weapon will almost always leave him/her on red HP (≤30).

Shifting with this weapon can become overpowering because of its unbeatable range and high damage.

This weapon is speculated to have been released to celebrate the Brazilian server of Combat Arms. Both of them were released in the same week.



Dom Pedro Sword


Silver III
Dom Pedro Sword


NX Standard
Dom Pedro Sword


  • You could obtain a 1 day Dom Pedro Sword and any other NX Standard Melee Weapon from the Roulette Wheel during the second week of the August Harvest Event.
  • The Dom Pedro Sword along with the Tracker Knife were on sale for permanent duration for 12,900 NX during the Stab-N-Slash Sale from 8/10-8/12/2012.
    • It was available for permanent duration, again, during the One Day Sale (7/12/12), at 6,450 NX.
  • The Dom Pedro Sword was on sale for permanent duration for 7,900 CASH in Combat Arms Brazil on 11/14-22/2012 to celebrate the national holiday of the Proclamation of the Republic.


  • The drawing animation of the Dom Pedro Sword.
  • The primary attack animation of the Dom Pedro Sword.
  • The secondary animation of the Dom Pedro Sword.
  • The sprinting animation of the Dom Pedro Sword.

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