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Director Mordon is the main antagonist of NEMEXIS Labs.


The players are assigned to capture the elusive director at the climax of the mission, though he manages to escape.

At one point, he gives orders to the player who controls Dreadnought.


"Welcome Friends. I hope you are enjoying our field test of the new Dreadnought weapons platform."

"Allow me to propose a challenge. Some unwanted vermin have infested our complex and needs to be........ removed. I will pay a hefty sum to whoever can purge these pests."

"And don't worry about fighting alone. Oh no. Our security forces are on their way to assist you."

"So... it's down to you and your old allies, eh? Don't forget my promise. All you have to do... is KILL THEM!"

"The Repair array is active. Repair the Dreadnought while we still have a chance."



  • It is unknown how Director Mordon fits into the storyline, as both Wayne AND Joseph Decker were (and are) the rightful CEOs of NEMEXIS. 
  • His title as Director may merely translate to being the head of the Technology & Weapons division.

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