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It's been a rough road here. Good work. I'm sure you won't go down easily in the battle, right? I'm sure that I'm a bit better though. Don't over estimate yourself, and whenever you see Karl, run away, okay? Well, it's a secret that I'm just running away from you. I'm sure you wouldn't exchange this letter for GP, right?
  — Karl's Congratulation Letter 


A thanks letter from Karl sent to those who managed to reach the patent Commander in Chief III.



Dev Thank U Letter 1
Dev Thank U Letter 2
Dev Thank U Letter 3
Dev Thank U Letter 4
Dev Thank U Letter 5


  • In Combat Arms Brazil, it's translated to: "Carta de Agradecimento de Karl".
  • In 07/13/2016 Nexon decides up to add five new ranks [1].
  • In 07/19/2016 Nexon releases the new ranks and the new rewards [2].



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