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Congratulations on making to the top of the hiearchy. You're the elite of the elites. Since you're one of the best players in the game, I'm sure you'll work with other players to lead Combat Arms into the right direction. Once again, congratulations. This letter can be exploded (sold back), so if you need, detonate it at will.
  — Avatar's Congratulation Letter 


A thanks letter from Avatar sent to those who managed to reach the patent Commander in Chief I.



Dev Thank U Letter 1
Dev Thank U Letter 2
Dev Thank U Letter 3
Dev Thank U Letter 4
Dev Thank U Letter 5


  • In Combat Arms Brazil, it's translated to: "Carta de Congratulação de Avatar".
  • In 07/13/2016 Nexon decides up to add five new ranks [1].
  • In 07/19/2016 Nexon releases the new ranks and the new rewards [2].



  1. Combat Arms Europe Official Webpage
  2. Combat Arms Europe Official Webpage

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