Desert Thunder
Desert thunder
Name Desert Thunder
Other Names Fireteam, DT
Size Extremely Large
Location Somalia
First Introduced May 27, 2009
Popularity Very Low
Goal Clear all objectives.

Main Discussion

Mogadishu's military, the Sand Hog, is suspected of illegally supplying weapons to nearby countries and have been placed on the UAF's expulsion list. The local government has refused to take action until UAF headquarters provides concrete evidence. An infiltration team was sent in three days ago and signaled that they had obtained some vital Intel, but they failed to make it to the extraction point. They are believed to be captured or killed. Your mission is to infiltrate the mission area and gather the necessary Intel. If possible, find and rescue the infiltration team.
  — Mission objective 

Operation: Desert Thunder is the 14th map released in Combat Arms

Taking place in the same city as Sand Hog (and possibly Desert Fox), but in a different location, this campaign features a rescue mission to retrieve some vital intel from a fallen squad.

Mission Briefing

Here are some elements that you will encounter. 

  • You will be updated on the situation as you go. HQ will give you more objectives to complete along the way; some of which may have time limits to complete or hold out for.
  • The enemy is a group of AI enemies known as the "Sand Hog", a group of Somalian insurgents. 
  • The area will be divided into certain sections. Some of these sections will contain a checkpoint, where you will respawn/fully heal. If a player uses a Respawn Token, he or she will respawn at the beginning of the last known section.
  • A tank has blocked off one of the sections of the city. Its location puts you at a disadvantage in terms of firepower, so you must either work your way around through the militant-guarded alleyways, or time yourself correctly and charge the tank head-on.
  • Ammunition and first aid packs can be recovered from fallen enemies.


  • Normal = Easy AI
  • Hard = Hard AI
  • Extreme = Very Hard AI



Unlocked Areas

  • Sector 1: The Insertion Route
  • Sector 2: The Temple
  • Sector 3: The Road
  • Sector 4: The Town


  • Scout - Wears hats, goggles,and light scarves; visible face. Prefers to use an AK-47.
  • Patrol - Armed men wearing a white Shemagh. Usually equipped with a LAW/RPG or M24.
  • Royal Guard - Special guard equipped with black armor, and wearing an Elite Shemagh. Prefers to use the UZI (or in some cases the AK-47).

Intel (Mission Updates)

Section 1 (Insertion Route)

  • "This is Colonel Coleman.The current mission is to rescue ......(PLEASE FILL IN)."
  • "We've received word that the hostage will be excecuted any minute now. Hurry and get to the target area. Once there we will radio you more details."
  • "In case you end up without any ammo or first aid the enemy will drop them when they die"
  • "You won't be able to use enemy ammo for sniper rifles or machine guns. so be sure to conserve your ammo as much as possible."
  • "The hostage we are rescuing was able to successfully infiltrate....(PLEASE FILL IN)"
  • "In order to get the green light for Sand Hog's explosion, we will need concrete evidence to present to the Parliament"

(Section 1 Ends)

Section 2 (The Temple)

  • "It looks like the enemy is about to execute the hostage! There is no time! Hurry! m..., move (PLEASE FILL IN)"
  • "Our UAV have sent us images. The hostage appears to be on the second floor of the temple."
  • "The stairway is locked! find another stairway!"
  • "Watch out for the guards in black! They are Sand Hog's Elite Royal Guard!"

(Section 2 Ends, Hostage cutscene plays)

Desert Thunder Cutscene 1

Section 3 (The Road)


(Section 3 Ends)

Section 4 (The Town)


(Section 4 Ends, Final Cutscene plays)

Desert Thunder Cutscene 2


  • The Fireteam Trailer reveals what happened before the events of Desert Thunder, and who the hostage during the campaign was.
  • In the Korean version of Desert Thunder, the ending cutscene shows one of the three extraction helicopters shot down by a rocket, and Sergeant Evans addresses you about the situation. This leads into the events of Sand Hog, with the gate at the end of the Desert Thunder being the same one next to the downed helicopter in Sand Hog.
  • The tank is an APC based on the Russian BTR-80, with a mounted cannon instead of a machine gun.
  • This is the only map in the game to contain a corpse.
  • The enemies each have their own individual ranks, like the players. Stronger enemies have higher ranks.
  • Formerly, the AI were not programmed to walk inside the bus to attack the players, resulting in the garrison of many players inside the bus. This has since been fixed.


Combat Arms Fireteam Gameplay Trailer (HQ)01:52

Combat Arms Fireteam Gameplay Trailer (HQ)

Desert Thunder Fire Team

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