It's been awhile, friend. I doubt you remember me, but I defintely know you. All you need to know is that I have a deal for you. My organization, Oracle Zero, trades in information. I would like to help you in exchange for your services. I have a need of an accomplished mercenary. All I ask is a little demostration of your skills. I'd to think you've gotten rusty.
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A male base with a speaker
Has Daily Jobs for Players to complete

Delphi is a mysterious NPC that gives out Daily Jobs missions. He, along with other the other Daily Job clients, were first leaked through the Developer's Blog, and debuted with the 9/19/12 Content Update.

List of Daily Jobs

  • Oracle Zero (1)

Description: Play 3 Matches on default settings!

Any mode, any map.

Difficulty: 1/4

Reward: Daily Job Bonus Box or Daily Job Weapon Box

  • Oracle Zero (2)

Description: Get 40 kill(s)!

Any mode, any map.

Difficulty: 3/4

Reward: Daily Job Function Box

  • Oracle Zero (3)

Description: N/A

Difficulty: 4/4

Reward: N/A

  • A Diamond in the rough

​Description: Become super spy 1 time(s)!

Spy hunt mode, any map.

Difficulty: 4/4

Reward: Black HiSec Key


  • Leaked photo of the Daily Job clients

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