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The Default Weapon Change items were expensive and rather enfficient items on the Black Market. They have the ability to replace a Default weapon to a new, more improved one.

Starting off in the middle of 2009, these items appeared in the Black Market, giving players a chance to replace their Primary Weapon Default, the M16A3, to a more reliable weapon, from the hard-hitting UMP  to the accurate SR-25 Sniper Rifle. These items were very expensive, and can costs up to 30,000 NX. Still, this eliminates the need of always having to rent another weapon every time, saving a lot of GP and lets the player keep their favorite weapon the whole time. However considering the vast cost of spending 30,000 some NX for a GP weapon seemed unreasonable to many players.

After several patches, a couple of Default Weapon Changes now have the function of replacing the Secondary Weapon, the Default M92FS for 9,900 NX. They don't cost as much as the Primary Default Weapon Changes.

Please note that if you're going to buy another Default Weapon Change after buying another one, the first changed weapon will be replaced, losing the large amount of NX used, so pick once, and pick carefully!

As of the  2-3-10 Patch, Default Weapon Changes are no longer sold. Instead, some NX weapons can be bought permanently at any time and others during sales

List of Default Weapon Change Items

Primary Weapons

Secondary Weapons

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