Death Row9

It's been a while, but Hired Guns has gotten its second map, the aptly named Death Row! You're not trying to rob a bank this time, now you're going after a cramped, claustrophobic and very crowded prison, and you're going to need to take control! Need some more firepower? Get your hands on the AEK-971, Combat Arms' latest Assault Rifle, and the elegantly brutal 3 Lb. Sledge! Or go for precision with Hawk's favorite weapon, the Hawk's Dragunov SVDS, or the newly forgeable Lee-Enfield sniper rifle! Check out everything in Operation: Death Row below!
  — Combat Arms Command 

New Releases

Map: Death Row

Events: 5-Shot, Locked Down Event, Return of the Perms Sale

Supply MYST Crate: Supply Crate MYST Romeo

Epic Sniper Rifle:Hawk's Dragunov SVDS

GP Melee Weapon:3 Lb. Sledge

GP Assault Rifle: AEK971

Forgable Weapon: Lee-Enfield

Other Changes

Bug Fixes

Game Improvements

  • Updated Explosive Crossbow kill icon to more clearly identify its kills against the Assault Crossbow’s kills.
  • Added detection for Spy \ Robot transformation via cheats in unintended game modes.
  • Server layout has been greatly modified

Game Changes

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