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Death Room (Invis)
DeathRoomInvis02 DeathRoomInvis03
Name Death Room (Invis)
Other Names DR2, D Room 2
Size Extremely Small
Location Kazakhstan

Main Discussion

Death Room (Invis) is the 62nd released map in Combat Arms.


Death Room (Invis) it's a replica of the Death Room with two unbreakable glasses, one in the top hall and one between both respawns.

Available Game Modes


The Hall


Death Room Overview

The Hall, as it is known, is merely a hallway with ledges on the sides that can be accessed from some steps. There are a few stacked boxes here and only two exits. This is where mines, smoke grenades, and gas grenades can be most commonly witnessed. There is also a gap on either side of the wooden panels of the Hall. Shots and grenades can penetrate this gap, causing damage to the occupants below. If there is a LAW or RPG-7 wielder on the enemy team, make sure that he/she isn't launching a rocket/grenade down the hallway, as this is quite common and can cause large amounts of damage. Snipers sometimes camp by the boxes or at the end of the hall. Since they are most using L96s, players are advised to throw a grenade down the hall upon climbing the stairs. Specialist weapons cause absolute havoc here because there is practically no place to hide from weapons such as the M32 Grenade Launcher or the M134 Minigun. There is also total chaos when in a Death Room Match with more than ten players.


  • This map it's the first "cosmetic" variant of another map (differently from Junk Flea and Junk Flea 2 which are totally opposed maps, but on the same category).
  • It was released in Combat Arms Brazil on the 04/07/2016 content update.


Combat Arms - Death Room (INVIS) NEW! 2016!00:27

Combat Arms - Death Room (INVIS) NEW! 2016!


Combat Arms - Bizu 07 0406:17

Combat Arms - Bizu 07 04

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