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The Death Animation is what player's character automatically does when they die in Combat Arms. Their last moments of their digital lives (before respawn) varies on their cause of death.

List of Animations When Killed

Normal (mainly non-explosive weapon kills, rarely headshots)

  • Falls on knees, then the rest of the body slumps to the ground (female falls backwards with face towards sky, male falls face on the ground)
  • Falls to the side
  • Falls to one side, cringes in pain, then motionless

Special (cause of animation included with description)

  • Flies in the air backwards for a few inches, body lands on ground (mainly from headshots)
  • Grabs groin area, falls to the ground face down, rolls over in pain, then motionless (from Nut Shots)
  • Flies in the air, does a flip backwards before body lands on ground (mainly from explosive kills)
  • Grabs neck area, shaking violently, then body lands on ground (mainly from poison gas weapons, and boundaries in Infected-based modes and maps)
  • Grabs neck area, shaking violently, then motionless as body floats (mainly from drowning in out-of-bounds waters, sometimes when Nexowned)

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