Death is a state of non-sentience. A player enters death once they become the target of a kill.


Once a player dies, they can no longer interact with the world around them. The camera will freeze at the spot where they died for a few moments, before entering Spectator Mode (with a 3rd-person POV by default).

A player's character model will disappear from view and can no longer be controlled, while their inventory will become inaccessible to them (most of the time) and overall, they can no longer affect real-time events. The players weapon will be placed on the spot in which they have died, allowing other players (of the players team or the oppositions team) to pick it up.

Depending on the game mode, a player may respawn within a few seconds and the ongoing gameplay. Otherwise, they might remain in spectator mode until a new round starts (such as Elimination Pro , VIP Escort , Search and Destroy, and Quarantine Regen).

Last Man Standing is one such mode that prevents a player from respawning until the next round, but it is unique in the fact that when a player dies, they can no longer "speak" with other players through chat. Voice chat is also blocked since the rules of One Man Army also apply, so players are essentially muted (though this can by bypassed with Clan Chat).

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