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Deadly Dunes
Deadly Dunes Layout
Name Deadly Dunes
Other Names Desert Hole
Size Unknown
Location Negev Desert
First Introduced 20th August, 2014
Popularity Above Average

Main Discussion

Break through the tank graveyard and weather the sandstorm to attack the enemy base!
  — Map Description 

Deadly Dunes is the 52nd map for Combat Arms. It was one of the entries within the recent map naming contest, where Crystal Tower was the winner.


Available Game Modes


  • The name of this map in development was "Desert Hole," which was created by Dance with the Red Wind.[1]
  • This is the first map to feature a sandstorm effect.
    • Players may experience slow frames or "lag" when viewing the sandstorm effect, especially when zooming in with a sniper rifle.
  • Deadly Dunes was removed from Combat Arms Global after the Reloaded update.


  1. Combat Arms - Dev Blog: Deadly Dunes

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