Adamp and moldy stretch of sewer built before the Infection. The narrow pathways are saturated with toxic chemicals from the years of polluted water rushing through the channels, creating pockets of poisonous gas. A complex valve system does offer the ability to vent the gas, but years of neglect have made the equipment weak and unreliable, offering only temporary relief from the poisonous fumes
  — Combat Arms: Zombies 
Dark Sewers
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Dark Sewers is a special type of map, exclusively for the iOS game Combat Arms: Zombies.


Dark Sewers is a map that starts relatively small and grows bigger as one progresses through the level. It has three tunnels to the front of the player's spawn point, over a bridge, which, until round six, are the only spawn points for the Infected. at round six, the Infected take down several locked gates, adding two new spawn points, the sewer tunnels on either side of the bridge. One can move into the sewer, but it will take away HP in small quantities. However, this can be temporarily negated by using the pump system inside the player's starting room. Moving into the Infected spawn points will kill the player quickly, by taking away massive quantanties of HP. At round 11, the Infected take down another two gates behind the player's spawn point, allowing the Infected access to a huge tunnel, immediately behind where you spawn, which is the sixth spawn point for Infected. At round 21, the Infected gain access to another two tunnels, to the left and right of the tunnel unlocked in round 11.


  • This map seemed to be vaguely based on Piazza and Waverider, as well as the background of Two Towers. This may indicate that Dark Sewers takes place in Europe.
  • Colonel Coleman provides updates for the mission.
  • If you move to an adequate location, you can see a lit up second floor just above the room you spawn in. In the original screenshots of Combat Arms: Zombies, this room may have been accessible.

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