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Attention Soldiers!

With Operation: Red Canyon, Combat Arms' map list swelled to 42 Maps! Ranging from a snow-topped mountain in Snow Valley to the dense foliage of Dark Forest, there's no end to the variety of locales to fight on, and for the next four weeks, we're going to focus our sights on a new map each day!

From February 21st through March 20th, a different map will be featured in the Daily Jobs every day, ranging from the popular Death Room and Junk Flea, to the seldom-seen Vertigo and Warhead! We here at Combat Arms Command encourage you to complete them all and see the sheer variety of maps and locales available to fight over!

Never played a lot of these maps? Don't worry, we'll be including a primer on the day's new map in this post every day, giving you a leg-up for that day!
 Combat Arms Command 

Daily Map Month Event was an Event that occurred between February 21st, 2013 to March 20th, 2013. During the event, a different map would be featured in the Daily Jobs everyday.

Map of the Day for February 21st: Overdose

Main article: Overdose

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, One Man Army, Last Man Standing, Quarantine Regen.

The physiological stress and fatigue caused by the ongoing war has left soldiers deserting in droves and showing a lack of respect for their superior officers. In a controversial step to boost mercenary morale, high ranking officers authorized development of a stamina drug using a promising new organic sample. When the final product was being prepared for mass production, the first and only surviving test subject had an abnormal and untested dosage enter their bloodstream. The cause of the accident has yet to be determined, but shortly thereafter, the local security response team sent transmissions warning of a severe physical threat and potential outbreak situation. Before transmissions were abruptly terminated, they alluded to the remainder of the drug sample left intact in the research center. The research center has been shut down by the Automatic Quarantine System, and an infiltration mission by Special Forces has been called upon in order to retrieve the drug sample.

While you can technically play Overdose on Elimination and One Man Army, along with their no-respawn counterparts, most players correctly have identified this map as the quintessential Quarantine Regen map. The tight, claustrophobic setting with more than a few places to put up a defense against attacking Infected, this map was quite literally designed to show off Quarantine at its full potential, most notably with the presence of a pair of "Safe Rooms " that open up and can be locked by the remaining Humans when a minute remains in the round.

If you're here for a non-Quarantine match, then you'll undoubtedly want your main gun to be a submachine gun , shotgun or something else to deal with the close quarters combat that thrives here. Don't bother with the sniper rifle unless you've got a big backpack , as there's very few decent positions to snipe from. If you're heading into a Quarantine match, however, the usual equipment is the best: Machine Guns to hold off and pin down the Infected , Explosives to take them out, and something lightweight for fleeing in terror.

Did You Know?: Don't taunt the Zomb- Infected! The two Safe Rooms might be mostly safe, but if you stand too close to the openings, enemy players can still reach in and ruin the round for you and everyone else in the room.

Map of the Day for February 22nd: Costa Recon

Main article: Costa Recon

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, One Man Army, Capture the Flag , Spy Hunt , Last Man Standing.

The insurgent forces are tipped off that their supply outpost, OP Slaven 152, is in danger, and decide their supplies must be relocated. Unfortunately, the military detects their relocation efforts. Now the insurgents must secure their supplies by either blowing them up or moving them before the imminent military raid.

The first map released in 2011, Costa Recon is a sunny, wind-swept beach just waiting for a thrilling battle! Most often enjoyed in Elimination matches, the partial mirrors of the two sides, most notably the half-destroyed buildings with routes to the roofs, giving long sight lines and plenty of space just made for sniping. That's not to say it's all about snipers, of course: The open beach and abundance of cover in the middle means that a quick runner can slip behind enemy lines and do heavy damage surprisingly well.

Obviously, this is a map where sniper rifles excel. Whether you camp out in cover on the beach, on one of the roofs or in one of the many other places with strong cover, having a powerful sniper rifle to pick off well protected targets is going to be job one for most players. That said, players who don't feel like sniping can get a lot of mileage out of a submachine gun or low-recoil assault rifle, and stick to trying to reach the enemy team's secondary building. It can be a bit difficult to reach such a position at times, but you can do a lot of damage to the enemy team there.

Did You Know?: The original version of Costa Recon had fully intact roofs for both sides' secondary buildings. This appearance can still be seen in some of the original screenshots released for the map, however the roofs facing the center of the map were removed to better prevent one side from gaining an overwhelming advantage over the other.

Map of the Day for February 23rd: Ghost Town

Main article: Ghost Town
Ghost town

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, Search and Destroy , One Man Army, Capture the Flag, Spy Hunt, Quarantine Regen , Last Man Standing, Bombing Run , Seize and Secure .

An experimental virus developed by NEMEXIS has accidentally been released into the city. As the body count rises, the government has ordered all civilians to evacuate immediately. Special forces search for clues to the cause of the viral outbreak while NEMEXIS mercenaries are sent in to conceal all evidence of the company's involvement.

Released in late 2010, Ghost Town is one of the few maps in Combat Arms that can be played on nearly every game mode (excluding Fireteam and Hired Guns ). The large size, abundance of paths from one side to the other and several key locations gives a number of opportunities for flankers and snipers to make their mark on the fight. Most notable, of course, is the roof of the building in the dead center of the map, a perfect sniper position that both sides can use to devastating effect on the enemy team, and becomes the obvious defensive location for Human players in Quarantine Regen.

While there's a few locations in Ghost Town where you'll want a close quarters weapon, such as the northern alleyway and the buildings near either team's spawns, you'll want a good Sniper Rifle, or at least an Assault Rifle with a good scope, for the massive number of sniper perches and hideouts. Alternately, taking a mid-range or close quarters weapon and simply avoiding the areas the snipers dominate, most notably the center of the map, is a good alternative if you're not in favor of counter-sniping.

Did You Know?: The original version of Ghost Town, while having the same actual layout, had a remarkably different feel: A clear, sunny sky, trees full of leaves and little sign of the carnage that normally follows the presence of the Infected. Its current look was created to make the feel truly encapsulate what it is: A Ghost Town.

Map of the Day for February 24th: Short Fuse

Main article: Short Fuse

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, Search and Destroy, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, Spy Hunt, Quarantine Regen, Last Man Standing, Bombing Run, Seize and Secure.

The military received Intel that led them to believe they were in danger of an anti-government uprising from local insurgents. The insurgents have seized a NEMEXIS research facility in the outskirts of the city. Although uprisings have become fairly common of late, the military has made the destruction of this particular group the highest priority, fearing that they have obtained access to top secret cutting-edge military equipment, information, and technology, all being developed by NEMEXIS. The military has dispatched special forces to quickly and quietly annihilate the research facility, and all those who occupy it.

The first Search and Destroy map released in nine months, the aptly-named Short Fuse was made to be an urban map with a good mix of close quarters and long range action. The East and West reaches of the map has a lot of space to work with, not to mention a few handy windows for ambushes, while going through the main building will reward both sides with a heavy dose of close quarters combat. And be sure to keep your eye on the upper corridor overlooking the parking lot, as this is a valuable sniper position for Alpha.

Short Fuse is a map where no single weapon type dominates. While there's a few strong sniper positions, particularly around the parking lot in the north-east and along the road just outside Alpha's spawn, those going inside will find submachine guns and shotguns extremely useful. Be careful to pick your weapons in such a way as to cover as many combat situations as possible, as you can go from sniper battle, to CQC mania to a mid-range shootout all in one life.

Did You Know?: Quarantine Regen on Short Fuse is a great place for some hide and seek! Among the many defensive locations that a well armed group can make great use of, the many dumpsters scattere1d around the map can be opened up and hid inside. Just remember, it's going to be nearly impossible for you to escape if an Infected find you there!

Map of the Day for February 25th: Roadkill

Main article: Roadkill
Road kill

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, Capture the Flag, Seize and Secure.

Flushed from their hideout, the guerilla group attempted to convoy men and supplies to a safer location, but their convoy was an easy target and destroyed by UAF air strikes. Preparing for the worst, a UAF Counter-Insurgency Team has been dispatched to sweep the area for any survivors.

Released late in 2009, Roadkill is not exactly a very complex map. Set entirely on a seaside highway cluttered with wreckage, this turns into a very straight-forward battle over one spot of land. That said, this isn't quite the sniper's playground that you'd imagine. The abundance of cover scattered all around the map means that a quick runner can get across the map without turning into swiss cheese.

As for what guns to bring? Well, a sniper rifle. There's really no other way to look at it: This is a map where snipers can hole up behind a truck, peek through the small gaps and do a lot of damage to the opposing force. Still, given the ability for a good rusher to make it across the no-man's-land, don't neglect your close-quarters defense.

Did You Know?: The original layout for Roadkill was much different. Originally, aside from the destroyed truck in the center, there was practically no cover between the two in-tact trucks. The lack of such cover made anyone actually trying to get through the no man's land in the center of the map an easy target for the enemy snipers, effectively eliminating the effectiveness of non-sniper rifles.

Map of the Day for February 26th: Warhead

Main article: Warhead

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, Search and Destroy, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, Spy Hunt, Quarantine Regen, Last Man Standing, Bombing Run.

United Alliance Forces obtained information regarding a high-level, imminent threat. A secretive band of terrorits has acquired a high-yield nuclear device and hidden it in an abandoned factory. It is believed that they are preparing a drone delivery to an unknown target. Locate and secure the nuclear device. Be aware, as enemy forces are on high alert, elminate them at all costs.

One of Combat Arms' first maps, Warhead is a wide, urban map designed for Objective play, most notably Search and Destroy. The two paths between the spawns are heavily segregated, with only an isolated underground path between them. This results in, for the most part, straight-up fights between the two sides, and minimal opportunities for slipping behind the enemy front and hitting them from behind.

While there are a few good sniper positions, over the bridge on the northern path for example, most of the combat in Warhead takes place at mid-range, making this an ideal map for Assault Rifle combat. While there are some areas where close-quarters weapons can be useful, you're going to want a weapon with good accuracy for the most part.

Did You Know?: Prior to Short Fuse and Oil Rig's release in Quarantine Regen, Warhead was one of the most heavily changed maps in order to support Quarantine. The flooding of the underground passage, opening up of a new area and addition of a shipping crate to hide in, along with many more changes, make the map completely different to play on in Quarantine, when compared to Elimination or One Man Army.

Map of the Day for February 27th: Snow Valley

Main article: Snow Valley
Snow valley

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elim Pro, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, Spy Hunt, Last Man Standing, Seize and Secure.

A hostile missile base has been spotted by our Lockeland U-5 reconnaissance aircraft in a disputed region between borders. The enemy has been preparing the launch of a nuclear warhead at a neighboring nation. Eliminate any enemy forces found within the complex and recover the missile.

Snow Valley is one of Combat Arms' oldest maps, first available with Combat Arms' release into Open Beta. Featuring a large outdoors area with long sight lines, this is was the original sniper-focused map. If you prefer sniping, there are plenty of locations where you can get a bead on the enemy, particularly the tower in the center of the map, while those preferring flanking and close quarters combat can find a lot of mileage in using the underground tunnels to get past the sniper lookouts.

Of course, coming to Snow Valley and not bringing a sniper rifle, or other long-range weapon, is rather missing the point of it. There's plenty of cover around, so you'll need something to pick off heads hiding around. You may want to take along a mid-range weapon, like the M416 or AK-47, as the proliferation of cover also means a lot of places for your enemies to sneak up behind you.

Did You Know?: Snow Valley is the setting for Combat Arms' first official Machinima, Sniper on the Roof. Rumors about it being based on a true story are completely unfounded.

Map of the Day for February 28th: Vertigo

Main article: Vertigo

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, Spy Hunt, Last Man Standing

Terrorists have inifltrated the operation room on the roof of a major finance building so they can disseminate nerve gas through the air circulation system. Upon discovering the plans of the terrorists, military forces have inserted onto the roof of the high rise. Stop the terrorists from detonating their chemical weapon!

One of the premier Spy Hunt maps, Vertigo is a close-quarters war on the roof of a skyscraper. While certainly a capable Elimination map, the small size and open area make it ideal for the barely restrained chaos of Spy Hunt and One Man Army. That's not to say there's no strategy on the map, though: The various elevated positions, trenches and abundant cover makes just running around with a shotgun a painful proposition.

Nonetheless, this is definitely a map where close-quarters weapons shine. A good SMG or Shotgun used carefully can inflict a lot of damage before you're taken down, and a mid-range Assault Rifle can be useful for dealing with the long gaps. Sniper Rifles can be useful in a few places, but you're going to have to deal with a lot of flankers during the fighting.

Did You Know?: The initial version of Vertigo had, during non-team matches, players spawning on the ledge behind the billboard. This was rather quickly removed once it became clear how precarious a position it was to start out at.

Map of the Day for March 1st: Junk Flea

Main article: Junk Flea
Junk flea

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, Quarantine Regen, Last Man Standing

A legendary terrorist seeks asylum. His knowledge of global terrorist operations, personnel, long-term strategy, and tactics is imperative to destroying their organization once and for all. Infiltrate enemy territory and take out the opposing forces at the voltier junkyard.

The undisputed king of One Man Army, Junk Flea is a small and hectic battleground, with more square foot of action than almost any other map. While it appears at first to be just a chaotic battleground, the abundance of shipping crates, tanks, and buildings means that, while battle is never far away, there's still plenty of places to camp out or take cover.

Take an SMG, of course! While there are a few long lanes here and there, you're going to run into a lot of close-quarters fighting here. A shotgun or high ROF Assault Rifle can do you well here too, of course, and unless you're playing a sniper-only match, leave the sniper rifles at home.

Did You Know?: Possibly due to the popularity of Junk Flea for normal OMA matches, it is easily the most frequently used maps for Sniper-Only matches. Easily one of the hardest things to master in Combat Arms, Sniper-Only requires quick reflexes, sudden movement and good instincts to succeed in.

Map of the Day for March 2nd: Two Towers

Main article: Two Towers
Two towers

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, Spy Hunt, Quarantine Regen, Last Man Standing.

There has been a breach in the defensive line of the United Alliance Forces' 5th Corp. The enemy has constructed a nearby comm tower, and its signal jamming device is blocking all attempts to contact the stranded battalion. Eliminate all hostile personnel in the area and restore communications.

One of Combat Arms' earliest maps, Two Towers is an arena where all weapons have their place. The two sides start off at the base of one of the eponymous towers and have to go through the building in order to reach the enemy team, although having to contend with enemy sniper on the way. Inside is full of close-quarters and the occasional longer lane for mid-range combat, and access to the roof for sniper combat.

Two Towers is a map with a place for nearly every weapon. Sniper Rifles have an obvious place, with the two sniper towers, the roof for the main building and a few other key sniper positions scattered around. Players that fight inside the main building, however, will find the sniper rifles largely useless, and need either a good close-quarters weapon or an accurate mid-range weapon to hold their own.

Did You Know?: Stay out of the water! This is one of the few maps in Combat Arms with water you can reach easily, but that's not necessarily a good thing. There's nowhere to climb back up to safety outside of Quarantine, and the only ones that can stomach it are the Infected.

Map of the Day for March 3rd: Waverider

Main article: Waverider
Waverider no hud

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, Spy Hunt, Last Man Standing, Seize and Secure.

The tiled rooftops of the resort city of Rupheria cascade down the hillside, mirroring the waves in the sea below. This has become the fall back position of United Alliance Forces to regroup and plan another offensive. Satellite recon indicates that the enemy is launching an imminent counterattack on our position. Hasty preparations are made to ambush the incoming enemy forces from the top of the city's buildings.

One of Combat Arms' largest maps, Waverider is a free runner's paradise. Most of the action here takes place on the roofs of the dozens of buildings in the town, the angled roofs supplying a proliferation of cover and plenty of chances to plink a head or twelve. Alternately, the high buildings and narrow streets make for good lanes for flankers to slip around the enemies on the roofs, giving them a chance to eliminate enemies from behind.

This is a Sniper-heavy map to be sure. The roofs all across the map, not to mention the Lighthouse, support a great deal of long-range combat, where victory goes to the one that can put a round through someone's head first. Failing that, the lower-level streets are a great place to engage in non-sniper gameplay, assuming no one on a roof spots you.

Did You Know?: Easter Egg time! On one of the buildings on Bravo's side of the map, there's a boarded up window that can be destroyed to reveal a secret little room with a special image!

Map of the Day for March 4th: Dark Forest

Main article: Dark Forest

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, Spy Hunt, Last Man Standing, Bombing Run, Seize and Secure.

It has become increasingly difficult to penetrate the city, so enemies have gotten more creative. Satellites reveal that the terrorists have installed a Missile Launcher in the forest surrounding the city. To make matters worse, the terrorists have taken control of all the trails into the forest, making it difficult to enter. The forest is so thick, it is nearly impossible to tell our own allies apart, let alone locate the enemy.

Dark Forest is a rather unique map for Combat Arms. Instead of wide open terrain and long sight-lines, or tight corridors with ample cover, Dark Forest has almost no cover, few walls and, on average, prevents you from seeing ten feet in front of you. Making your way to the river can give you a bit more of a field of vision, but it can open you up to the enemy. This is a map designed for chaotic combat, tense hunts for the enemy and paranoia to reign.

Good luck sniping here! The dense foliage and limited illumination makes this a map where, while you could in theory shoot across the map, you'd need to know who you're shooting at. Most of the combat you'll encounter will be just stumbling over someone and having to fire wildly at enemies that quickly run away, out of sight. Be sure to bring the mines too, because it's just about impossible to actually see them for all the forestry. Finally, if at all possible, attach an S3 Silencer to your weapon: That muzzle flash will light up your position for everyone around, and anything you can do to minimize it will keep you alive much longer!

Did You Know?: The original version of Dark Forest had, in addition to the darkness and foliage, fog and smoldering flames in the bomb craters. While this improved the atmosphere of the level, they were removed to improve the level's performance.

Map of the Day for March 5th: Neptune

Main article: Neptune

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, Spy Hunt.

After years of hard work, the government's new nuclear submarine project is finally complete, but an enemy spy has infiltrated the base and it could lead to the downfall of our forces. Enemy squads are en route toward the submarine now, hoping to seize it and unleash its destructive capabilities on the world at large.

Taking place in a submarine base, Neptune is a map devoted to sniper battles, careful thinking and, on occasion, quick strikes. There are only two paths between the two spawns, after all: The second floor bridge or the first floor bridge. In order to get across, you'll have to slip past the snipers that flock to this map, as the motion-controlled doors allow for a sniper to appear suddenly and take you down, but if you get across, you can rack up the kills against an unprepared enemy team.

Neptune is obviously a place where sniper rifles reign supreme. While a talented rusher with good gear can get across one of the bridges without getting shot at too much, it's still a better idea to only try to make it across once the enemy team's snipers become suppressed, and for that, you're going to need a sniper rifle, or at least an assault rifle with a powerful scope.

Did You Know?: When Neptune was first released, it was nearly twice as large, with a side-path that was completely separated from the sniper-battles that would occur overlooking the submarine. It was redesigned, however, when it proved too large and inconsistent for good matches.

Map of the Day for March 6th: Showdown

Main article: Showdown

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, One Man Army, Quarantine Regen, Last Man Standing

Weapons are being trafficked through a port city in Southern China. The local police don’t have the kind of training and equipment to deal with it, so they've called in private security forces. Vehicles carrying illicit weapons have been spotted driving in and out of a warehouse on the outskirts of town. Storm the warehouse, seize the smuggled weapons and take out the terrorists.

One of Combat Arms' earlier maps, Showdown is a chaotic battle in warehouse district. Best suited for One Man Army and Quarantine fights, this map is most notable for the square layout, ample cover and tight corridors. Quarantine Regen matches are particularly notable as, while there are a few defensible locations, none are nearly as secure as those found in other maps, leading to a lot of running around, trying to keep a step ahead of pursuing Infected.

The lack of traditional sniper positions and long sight lines makes this a generally weak map for snipers, more encouraging either close-range sniping or traditional assault rifle or SMG combat. Submachine guns in particular are quite useful in the buildings containing Alpha's and Bravo's spawn, as the close quarters

Did You Know?: Be careful outside! One of the inevitable results of the layout of this map is that, once you leave the spawn buildings, it's easy for enemies to hit you from just about every direction, all at once!

Map of the Day for March 7th: Rattlesnake

Main article: Rattlesnake

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, Search and Destroy, One Man Army, Last Man Standing, Bombing Run, Seize and Secure

An enemy compound deep in a mountainous, jungle region is suspected to be a manufacturing facility for conventional and chemical weapons. It must be disabled.

Rattlesnake is one of Combat Arms' older maps, featuring a very different play experience for each team. Alpha Team starts out at the bottom of the hill, and while they have a sniper tower right by their spawn, generally have to contend against Bravo's snipers in high ground in order to advance forward, while Bravo has a number of positions to take to hold Alpha down. Still, Alpha can slip behind Bravo's defenses in a few positions and go on a rampage.

Generally speaking, there's two ways to fight in this map. Either you grab a bolt-action sniper rifle and fight for control of the large, open field, or you grab a submachine gun, assault rifle or possibly a semi-automatic sniper-rifle and take to the side route, where precision and quick movements can make the difference.

Did You Know?: Seize and Secure on Rattlesnake features a small change with significant tactical ramifications: Part of the chain-link fence at Alpha's spawn area is missing, giving them an alternate way of leaving their spawn, evening the odds considerably in this classic map.

Map of the Day for March 8th: Cold Seed

Main article: Cold Seed

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, Seize and Secure.

Military intelligence has learned that a biochemical weapon may be in development inside an abandoned mine in Oskrov. This may be a drivative of a lethal nerve gas agent, MS-19, stolen from a black ops lab two weeks ago. Recover the agent at all costs and expect heavy resistance from enemy forces in the area.

Cold Seed, the first map added to Combat Arms in a Content Update, is also one of our few Snow-themed maps. It consists of essentially three paths: An overpass leading into a small building outside Alpha's spawn, a side route leading into a small pair of rooms next to Alpha's spawn and the small alley outside it, and a right up the middle and over the snowbanks. Not a large map by any stretch, this is a map where you're going to get into a lot of face to face combat.

Cold Seed is a map that, while there's a few sniper positions (the overpass providing most of them), much of the fighting is classic, grind-it-out assault rifle and submachine gun battling. Make sure you take a weapon you can fire precisely: There's a lot of cover around, and being able to pull off a headshot on short notice is going to be key for surviving the fights.

Did You Know?: Cold Seed was one of only two maps eligible for the once-off game mode, Snowball Fight, a very unique fight that had players abandon their normal loadouts and go in with snowball guns and shovels.

Map of the Day for March 9th: Grave Digger

Main article: Grave Digger

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, Seize and Secure.

A special Counter-Insurgency unit has been deployed to a small Central European city to eliminate an infamous gurrilla army, who has retreated to an old monastery outside the city. Trapped and desperate, the guerrilla army has decided to carry out one, final, full-scale attack. Now the battle rages on... and there can only be one winner.

Grave Digger, one of Combat Arms' more popular maps, is one of those small, indoor maps that gets you into the fight quick and doesn't let go. Going into the undercroft will force you into tight fighting in narrow corridors, while going upstairs will take you into a small storage area. This is a map where flanking is generally minimal, sniping is very limited, and most of the combat is straight-up, grind it out action.

While sniping is possible in a few areas of the map, particularly when aiming at the corridors with absolutely no cover, Grave digger is not a map where you'll find a lot of success in that department. Grab your assault rifle, submachine gun or heavy shotgun and be ready to go down swinging.

Did You Know?: For one reason or other, this has become the premier Elimination Pro map in Combat Arms, possibly due to the narrow confined, tight corridors and small size.

Map of the Day for March 10th: Piazza

Main article: Piazza
Piazza oblique aerial view

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, Search and Destroy, Capture the Flag, Spy Hunt, Last Man Standing

Your unit has recovered an EMP bomb from a terrorist cell attempting to shutdown our security networks. Your unit escaped the battle unharmed, but all communication with Headquarters has been lost. Your last orders were to hold the bomb in a nearby town to await further instruction, but the terrorists have regrouped and are closing in on your location. You must defend against the attack until communications with Headquarters are restored!

Piazza, as its name implies, is a lovely Italian plaza turned into a heavy war-zone. Designed for Search and Destroy matches, Piazza is a smaller map full of tight corridors and a few good sniper positions. With four distinct paths between the two spawns, with plenty of crossover spots, this is a map where lateral thinking and quick flanking thrives.

Piazza is another map made for Assault Rifles and Submachine Guns. While there's a few sniper positions here and there, most of them can be evaded or outright avoided with ease, forcing anyone who wants to snipe to keep a close eye on their flank.

Did You Know?: Piazza was originally only available for Clan Search and Destroy matches on release, as an encouragement for players to join up with their friends and experience the high level Clan combat!

Map of the Day for March 11th: Gray Hammer

Main article: Gray Hammer

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, Search and Destroy, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, Spy Hunt, Last Man Standing.

The location of the enemy's power plant has been discovered by Unifted Alliance Forces. A lone spy successfully planted an EMP bomb to destroy this new target, but the bomb's detonation cap has malfunctioned due to unknown reasons. Enter the area, initiate manual detonation of the EMP and neutralize any enemy forces in the area.

One of Combat Arms' first maps, Gray Hammer is also one of the larger maps in Combat Arms, filled with hidden little corners and side routes that make this industrial environment one of Combat Arms' classic Objectives maps. While the obvious, open paths down the left and right sides of the map will lead you into a lot of combat, there's plenty that can be done by looking for alternate paths, to let you sneak up on the enemy!

Gray Hammer's size might make you think that it's ideal for sniping, but there are precious few good vantage points for it. The abundance of cover and crowded areas can make pulling off that perfect shot incredibly difficult. Most will find more success with an assault rifle here that can do good work at medium and close range, without leaving them too vulnerable against long range combat.

Did You Know?: Gray Hammer is a map that shines brightest during Search and Destroy matches, as both sides can really make great use of the complex level design and multiple paths through the buildings.

Map of the Day for March 12th: Slaughterhouse

Main article: Slaughterhouse

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, Search and Destroy, One Man Army, Spy Hunt, Last Man Standing

Government forces received a tip not long ago that a major crime syndicate and a terrorist organization would be meeting at a bustling port. Eager to capitalize on the intel, a strike team was sent to raid the secret meeting. An informant tipped off the crime syndicate, however, and they vanished before the strike team arrived. The terrorists were not so lucky, and started a firefight at the meat packing plant used for the meeting. With the raid plans foiled, the strike team must suppress the terrorists and destroy their supply stockpiles.

One of Combat Arms' smallest Search And Destroy maps, Slaughterhouse was explicitly designed for that mode, giving Alpha multiple routes to key parts of the base. Most notable is the unusually large air vent that serves as a mostly-covered path that can be used to launch surprise attacks and the ability to drop down into the freezer bomb room from the floor above.

There's a few places where you can use a sniper rifle to great effect, particularly the alleyway next to the main building, or picking off unsuspecting targets from the air vent, but for the most part this is close-to-mid range combat, the domain of submachine guns and assault rifles.

Did You Know?: Another formerly Search-And-Destroy exclusive map, the layout has a few notable changes to support Elimination gameplay, most obviously the opening of one door into the slaughterhouse and the closing of another.

Map of the Day for March 13th: Dredge

Main article: Dredge

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, Search and Destroy, One Man Army, Spy Hunt, Last Man Standing.

Government forces received a tip not long ago that a major crime syndicate and a terrorist organization would be meeting at a bustling port. Eager to capitalize on the intel, a strike team was sent to raid the secret meeting. An informant tipped off the crime syndicate, however, and they vanished before the strike team arrived. The terrorists were not so lucky, and started a firefight at the meat packing plant used for the meeting. With the raid plans foiled, the strike team must suppress the terrorists and destroy their supply stockpiles.

With this map, Combat Arms finally got a sewer level! Dredge is an underground level with three distinct paths and a lot of flanking going on! These three lanes cross-over a great deal, forcing you to watch your back, particularly if you get deep into the enemy's territory. Be sure not to forget about the grates that can be opened with the nearby switches, or the destructible walls that can fall on the enemy!

Players going by the upper route will find the sniper rifles to be king here: A long corridor with almost no cover and enemy players coming from only two directions, making them easy pickings for a good sniper. Taking the low road, however, will give the edge to more close-quarters weapons, as the short and narrow paths in the center of the map makes for some nasty battling.

Did You Know?: Dredge was the final map in a series of six, released each month over the course of the spring and summer of 2010, starting with Short Fuse in March, and followed by Kill Creek, Vertigo, Dark Forest and Sector 25, each map going to a different environment and showing off a different playstyle. This is also the only map in Combat Arms without Quarantine Regen or Fireteam, but to still have the Infected's rather unsettling presence...

Map of the Day for March 14th: Death Row

Main article: Death Row
Death row

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, One Man Army, Spy Hunt, Quarantine Regen, Last Man Standing, Hired Guns.

A bloody battle breaks out on Death Row as soldiers clamor to secure 5 Control Points that funnel resources onto the battlefield. A touch of chaos enters the fray when both sides use their funds to hire outside mercenaries and construct fortifications. Use your funds wisely and seize the control points to obliterate the enemy!

Death Row, Combat Arms' second Hired Guns map and the only one to also be playable on Elimination and other game modes, is essentially seven rooms connected by narrow corridors. The match on Hired Guns effectively plays out like a Control Point style match, where the two teams must strive to take control of five points, with the main yard point counting for double points. More info about the map can be found in the February 2013 Dev Blog.

Death Row, particularly when played in Hired Guns, is a map where almost all combat is going to be fast, furious and filled with a ton of lead, not remotely a map for snipers. Assault rifles and submachine guns are the logical choices, but full Machine Guns can be extremely useful when dealing with a heavily manned point.

Did You Know?: This is easily the most heavily changed map for Elimination mode. The two teams spawn in the Storage and Cell Block rooms, and about half the map is closed off, forcing the fight into a suddenly heavily crowded main yard. A very different style of combat, to say the least.

Map of the Day for March 15th: Bloodbath Bazaar

Main article: Bloodbath Bazaar
Bloodbath bazaar daily map month

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing.

Intelligence suggests that the next bio-chemical terrorist attack will come somewhere in Turkey. During routine security before a nighttime festival, armed forces discovered guerrillas transporting chemical weapons through this bazaar. A firefight breaks out, with the safety of the entire town on the line.

Another of Combat Arms' mirrored maps, this time set in Turkey and featuring multiple, distinct paths through an abandoned bazaar. This seems like a very simple map, and in a number of ways it is, but the many paths through the level means that you can never be sure where the enemy is going to come from.

Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Shotguns and Machine Guns all have their place here. Snipers can stick to the overpass or awnings, picking off enemies below. Those with close-quarters weapons can stick to the bazaar squares or try to get a drop on the enemy by hopping around on the awnings, and those with heavier weapons can always take the opposition on head-on.

Did You Know?: As Bloodbath Bazaar was released in the latter half of 2012, we really had no choice but to make a Gangnam Style reference on the map. See if you can find it!

Map of the Day for March 16th: Sand Hog

Main article: Sand Hog
Sand hog

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, Search and Destroy, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, Bombing Run, Seize and Secure

A friendly Blackhawk transport chopper has been shot down over a remote desert town by a local warlord and his forces. All personnel aboard are presumed to be lost. Now your team must prevent the enemy's recovery of classified tech from the wreckage by reaching the crash site of the downed chopper first.

One of Combat Arms' earliest maps, Sand Hog is a chaotic battle in a desert town, most notable for its rather unusual layout. For the most part, combat gets drawn to the two alleys coming off of the large square, or in the second level, and it's sniper lookout over the main square that Bravo's spawn feeds into.

Despite the smaller size, this is a rather excellent map for sniping, thanks to the long lanes and good sniper positions in the upper level. For those not interested in sniping, assault rifles tend to be the favorite weapon, as there are few locations around the map that force close-quarters combat.

Did You Know? Sand Hog is the basis for the Fireteam map Desert Thunder, being the only map in Combat Arms that has such an overlap over both Elimination and Fireteam.

Map of the Day for March 17th: Desert Thunder

Main article: Desert Thunder
Desert thunder

Valid Game Modes: Fireteam

Mogadishu's military, the Sand Hog, is suspected of illegally supplying weapons to nearby countries and have been placed on the UAF's expulsion list. The local government has refused to take action until UAF headquarters provides concrete evidence. An infiltration team was sent in three days ago and signaled that they had obtained some vital Intel, but they failed to make it to the extraction point. They are believed to be captured or killed. Your mission is to infiltrate the mission area and gather the necessary Intel. If possible, find and rescue the infiltration team.

Desert Thunder, Combat Arms' first Fireteam map, is a long fight through the city streets against dozens of enemy NPC's. This fight requires you to stick with your teammates, letting them cover you and take point when you get injured. You'll have to keep pushing forward, because you'll be facing AK's, sniper rifles, RPG's and even a tank!

Desert Thunder is a map with combat against NPC's at all distances. You'll have to contend with NPC's running up to you and trying to punch you in the face, as well as those that will hang out in inaccessible windows and take pot shots at you. Taking weapons for both close-quarters combat, such as a submachine gun, as well as a semi-automatic sniper rifle, which will kill most of the NPC's in one hit, is one of the traditional loadouts, as well as taking explosive weapons to deal with clumped groups of enemies with ease.

Did You Know?: Originally, it was possible to reach the second floor in the Palace section of the map by destroying one of the traps and climbing up on the rubble. While it is still possible, it currently triggers the next wave of enemies to spawn and head towards the teams, opening the gates, making the strategy pointless.

Map of the Day for March 18th: Blood Money

Main article: Blood Money
Blood money

Valid Game Modes: Hired Guns

In dealing with the multi-national hydra called NEMEXIS, Command believes that they can deal a devastating blow to the corporation by stealing the gold reserves the company uses to secure credit lines from an international bank. Unfortunately, NEMEXIS has learned about this operation and are offering a reward to a mercenary team to secure the gold before it is stolen.

Blood Money, Combat Arms' first Hired Guns map, has a pretty simple layout all things considered. A Bank, it's vault and the streets and alleys around it make for a pretty easy-to-understand map, which is good given the role the hired mercenaries play. The concept of the match is also fairly simple: Fight your way to the bank vault, steal the gold and get it back to your base, all the while picking up gold dropped by enemy players!

The long streets in the front and the back of the bank makes for some prime sniping, and makes for the primary method the two teams use to lock down the exits. Once inside, however, you'll need to switch to a weapon more suited to the close quarters, particularly if you get a ton of gold and want to move faster than a crawl!

Did You Know?: Before release, players were able to carry as much gold as they wanted without being slowed at all. In order to prevent players with large amounts of speed gear gathering all the gold and rushing back to the spawn alone, it was decided to add a stacking -3% speed penalty for each gold carried between 10 and 25. This forced teams to split up the gold between multiple carriers and protect them with a convoy, as well as making for some unintentionally hilarious videos...

Map of the Day for March 19th: Pump Jack

Main article: Pump Jack
Pump jack

Valid Game Modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, Bombing Run.

A surprise attack has captured the nuzak in the Navare Desert. This is the only fuel station within a 500 mile radius for United Alliance Forces. Use any and all means to recapture the fuel outpost from enemy fighters.

The last of Combat Arms' five Beta maps, Pump Jack is semi-mirrored two-level map set in a train yard. Going up the stairs takes you two a narrow corridor, with a hole in the wall leading to the rest of the map, as well as acting as a potent sniper position, while going the low road will take you into the train yard, having to fight for control amongst the numerous boxcars and engines.

There's a few points where you can snipe from here, of course. The upper level can be locked down reasonably well by a good sniper or two, and holding onto that can give you great sniper coverage over the main level of the map. However, if you're on the lower level, you might need a good assault rifle, as foes will come from all ranges.

Did You Know?: Remember, wood doesn't always stop bullets! When playing on Bombing Run, the two bomb points can be defended rather effectively from the outside by shooting through the boxcars, letting you take out enemies even if you can't see them!

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