Once a player completes a Daily Job, they will get items rewarded from the mission. The Supply Cases listed on this page are unique, and can only be obtained through the Daily Jobs function. They contain a variety of weapons, gear and special items.

List of Daily Jobs Rewards

Daily Job Weapon Box


Daily job reward that contains a variety of guns.
  — Description 

Available from Ico rank01 Trainee to Ico rank05 01 Corporal.

Daily Job Bonus Box


Daily job reward that contains a variety of bonus passes.
  — Description 

Available from Ico rank06 01 Sergeant to Ico rank21 General of the Army.

Daily Job Function Box


Daily job reward that contains a variety of functional items.
  — Description 

Current Rewards

Past Rewards

Daily Job Gear Box


Daily job reward that contains a variety of gear.
  — Description 

The Daily Job Gear Box, when opened, contains four different 1 day gear items, one from each section:





Daily Job Variety Box

Daily job variety box

Daily Job reward that contains a variety of items.
  — Description 


Former Rewards

  • 1,000 GP
  • 2,000 GP
  • 3,000 GP
  • 4,000 GP
  • 5,000 GP
  • 10,000 GP

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