Developed for counter-terrorist operations, this bullpup model sniper rifle offers fast and easy barrel exchange and the advantage of using a variety of ammunition.
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The AMP Technical Services DSR-1 is a GP Standard Bullpup Sniper Rifle added during the 7/28/2010 content update. It is very popular among those who have a high enough rank to purchase it.


The DSR-1 is a powerful hybrid weapon, with both near-perfect accuracy and damage. Even though the stats say the power is 99, the DSR-1 will get a OHK more than 90% of the time. This sniper rifle is unique because it is one of the few sniper rifles to feature a bullpup configuration. The scope of this gun is equal to the scope found in the L96A1. While it is quite powerful, players may notice opponents starting to tank shots at around very long ranges (or long range and equipped with a heavy vest).



  • The DSR-1 (Event) was given to all players for a day each day during the event period which allowed players to complete an upgrade job, accumulating 100 kills with the DSR-1 (Event), and receive it for permanent duration.


  • This is the second weapon to have an NX-Rare variant released first (the DSR-1 Tactical) and then have a GP variant, the first being the ACR.
  • The only noticeable differences between physical characteristics of the DSR-1 and the DSR-1 Tactical are the shorter cheek-rest, the shorter barrel, and a smaller muzzle brake on the DSR-1.
  • Nexon has made a picture error on the profile screen for the DSR-1 (the section where one looks at kills, accuracy, etc. for a gun that the account has used). If one looks closely, the picture of the DSR-1 is actually a DSR-1 Tactical.
  • Upon release, the DSR-1 had just enough damage to perform one-hit-kills on enemies that don't use heavy vests. Heavy Vests could consistently tank it before. However, it seems that later on, the DSR-1 can consistently kill Heavy Vest users as well as do regular One-Hit-Kill SR damage (L96A1 damage) if you compare the damage they take off when you die of a body-shot. It is because of this that it's believed that even though the stat bars still say "99" damage, it's been secretly buffed.
  • In the first person animations, the player seems to pull a bolt back and push it forward just like with mostly all bolt action sniper rifles. The problem in this, is that the character is pulling empty space as the bolt is situated near the farthest end of the stock, closer to the player's shoulder rather than near the trigger group.


  • The drawing animation of the DSR-1.
  • The firing animation of the DSR-1.
  • The scoping animation of the DSR-1.
  • The reloading animation of the DSR-1.
  • The sprinting animation of the DSR-1.