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Cyclops Bandana Main
Cyclops Bandana
NX cost

30 Days - 2,500 NX

90 Days - 5,900 NX






Speed +7%

This bandana scarf with a cyclops design is favored by members of Warcorp.
  — The Arsenal 

The Cyclops Bandana was introduced in the 11-25-09 Patch. It is available from Black Market.


The Cyclops Bandana provides a +7% boost to speed, surpassing the speed record previously set by the Military Bandana/Cowboy Hat.

If paired with a Light Vest, the player would achieve a +17% speed increase, nearly rivalling Classic Viper's overall speed boost (+15% speed, coupled +30% sprint stamina).

If paired with the Recon Vest, the player would get a +22% speed increase, which can outrun most Specialists (Classic Viper and Classic Raven included), most Infected, and allow one to be on par with the Super Spy.

If either set is paired with the Anti-Flash Goggles, Prankster Bandana, NEMEXIS Tactical Mask or a Patriot Skull Mask, they would gain a minimum of +20% speed (maximum is 25%).


  • The Cyclops Bandana was given to players who logged in during the 5th Anniversary Hot Shot Event on July 11th, 2013 at 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM Pacific (8:00 PM - 8:30 PM Eastern, 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM Sydney, July 12th).
  • In Combat Arms Europe during the Combat Necessity Item Sales! between 20-26/11/13 it was available for Permanent purchase for amount of 9.800 NX.



GP Standard Military Bandana
NX Standard Cyclops Bandana


  • This item, along with the Wasteland Goggles and the USP SE, had their prices glitched on August 18, 2010, for an hour after the maintenance. They had a price tag of 99,999 NX.
  • This item was featured during the One Day Sale on 10/5/12, at a price of 900 NX for a 15-Day duration. During this sale, the Cyclops Bandana was temporarily glitched again at an absurd price of 99,999 NX.
  • Stony is the nickname of the Nexon developer who first thought of the Cyclops Bandana, who insists on keeping his name anonymous.


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