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Crouching is a body posture change ability. When the player press and hold CTRL (the default key), the character bends their knees, making the character smaller. Pressing the CTRL buttons continously will make the player look like they are teabagging. Players are harder to hit when crouching, make no sound while moving (similar to walking). Also, they usually have less recoil and spread than when standing up and shooting their weapon. (This is not always the case though) However, the only down side to crouching is that once an enemy acquires you as a target with a low recoil weapon like the M416, most of the shots tend to hit vitals.(like the head) Moving while crouching is very slow, and is mostly used only to not be seen as easily and/or used as a recoil reduction. Crouching during a firefight can prove to be dangerous because if your enemy was aiming at your chest, your head suddenly dropping will be the new (accidental) target of the bullets.

Some parts of maps , like small vents, requires the player to crouch to get through. Players cannot jump or sprint while crouching.


  • The AK-74M actually has decreased accuracy while crouching.
  • One can slide down a ladder as if they were falling, if one hits the crouch button on a ladder. This may or may not be intended by Nexon . In either case, it can be very effective if used properly.
  • When priming a grenade, crouching actually reduces accuracy.


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