Crouching allows a player to stoop lower than their full height. This can be done by pressing (and holding on to) the CTRL key.


While crouching, a player bends their knees in order to reach a lower position. This gives the enemy less of an area to hit, so incoming fire can be evaded more easily. It also allows players to hide behind short obstacles, surprising enemies from (behind) an unassuming box or crate.

However, a player is unable to jump or sprint once they start crouching. They can move, but only at a slow pace - which puts them at a disadvantage if an enemy jumps them.

On the other hand, no sound is made while the player moves, so they can sneak up on unsuspecting foes while remaining unseen.

In some maps, crouching is required to pass through certain areas, such as small vents. In others, it may help them reach areas that would otherwise be unaccessible. 


  • The AK-74M actually has decreased accuracy while crouching.
  • When priming a grenade, crouching actually reduces accuracy.
  • One can slide down a ladder as if they were falling, if one hits the crouch button on a ladder. This may or may not be intended by Nexon. In either case, it can be very effective if used properly.


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