A grid or pattern placed in the eyepiece of an optical instrument, used to establish scale or position.
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Telescopic sights for firearms, generally just called scopes, are probably the device most often associated with crosshairs. However, every weapon in Combat Arms uses the crosshairs, including something like this.

As such, crosshairs are one of the most crucial elements in the game because it tells you where the bullets will go.

All weapons have a crosshair, except for sniper rifles and Airstrike Designators (which only have them while scoped). The crosshair shows the Accuracy and Recoil of the weapon, and expands when weapons are fired repeatedly or if you are moving or jumping, decreasing accuracy and making aiming harder. However, this varies from weapon to weapon. Note that when crouched, the crosshair becomes smaller in size.

Different crosshairs and color choices can be bought within the Black Market.

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