A custom rifle built for the fearsome Cpt. Souza. This unique firearm improves on the original FAL with low recoil and extreme portability.
  — Item Description 

Cpt. Souza’s ParaFAL is a 2-Star Gold Grade NX-Epic Assault Rifle, first leaked leaked on the July 12th, 2012 content update, and belongs to the Specialist Captain Souza. This weapon can be obtained in the Supply Crate MYST-Weapon I or the Souza's Package.


The Cpt. Souza's ParaFAL is a variant of the ParaFAL. It has a similar appearance with it's NX standard counterpart but has a matte blue paint job instead of the black paint job. A pre-attached usable Itech sight is present.

Comparing Cpt. Souza's ParaFAL with it's NX standard counterpart, this weapon has a statistical advantage of dealing 2 more points of damage, having 2 less points of weight, and having 5 extra ammo per magazine making the total ammo count 35/105. It also features a pre-attached Itech scope which can reduce spread. Its range, however, is limited by its pre-attached iTech scope.

Cpt. Souza's ParaFAL has very similar stats to the Baron's M416 CQB both having the same stats with the exception of damage and recoil; Cpt. Souza's ParaFAL having 2 more points of damage, but 4 more points of recoil making the recoil slightly less stable than the Baron's M416 CQB.




  • The drawing animation of Cpt. Souza's ParaFAL.
  • The firing animation of Cpt. Souza's ParaFAL.
  • The sighting animation of Cpt. Souza's ParaFAL.
  • The reloading animation of Cpt. Souza's ParaFAL.
  • The sprinting animation of Cpt. Souza's ParaFAL.

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