A hat out of the wild west that will make you look like an outlaw.
  — The Arsenal 

Cowboy Hat is a headgear that was released in the 9/30/09 Content Update. The Cowboy Hat can be bought both in the Black Market and the Shop for reasonable prices.


The Cowboy Hat is a NX cosmetic variant of the Military Bandana, as both items give players a +5% boost in speed. The headgear is mainly used for increasing the player's speed.

This item, unlike the Military Bandana, is a black hat that is designed to look like a classic cowboy hat. The Cowboy Hat can be worn on any character, except for Specialists.



Cowboy Hat
Max's Cowboy Hat Set tag
Most American Cowboy Hat


  • This hat was originally a cosmetic item without any bonuses.
  • It was later buffed to perform on par with the Military Bandana without the rank requirement, some time after the release of the Cyclops Bandana, which provides an even larger speed boost of +7%.