Covering Fire is a request from allies for another friendly capable of Spraying. When allies are pinned down, the player could spray the enemies location with their ammo, causing them to get into cover. With the enemies out of the way, allies can move out of their position, and charge forward to attack, or retreat to regroup. This tactic is most useful with the M134 Minigun due to its high ammo count and extremely fast fire rate resulting in great muzzle flash and sound for scaring off enemies. It is also efficient in Capture the Flag mode for protecting your own flag as enemies will likely not attempt to steal it during that time but if they do, they can get killed by the person covering fire or for warding enemies off their own flag so that a teammate can rush forward and retrieve it with the person covering fire shooting down any pursuers. Covering fire will probably be useful in high-stakes matches of Elimination Pro with a machine-gun.

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