Content Updates (commonly referred to & formerly known as Patches) are frequent additions to the game, in which content is added, certain features may be disabled/removed, and various bugs and changes are addressed.

These content updates contain files which keep the game up-to-date. In Combat Arms, these files are made by the creators of the game and then published/distributed by Nexon, which is then downloaded automatically by players who start the game after the patch is installed into the system of the game.

Using rather more advanced techniques, recent Patches (beginning on April of 2009) will no longer require the whole game community to be shut down while the files are being uploaded/installed into the system.

What Patches Contain

  • Fixes in Glitches found before the patch.
  • Addition of new Maps, Weapons, Gear, and Game Modes.
  • New Events that lasts from the start of the new patch until a specified date.
  • Higher security (the HackShield can detect past hacks) in the game.
  • Fix problems, such as crashes, that causes a lot of problems in the system.

Types of Patches

  • Update Patch

These Patches are the largest ones, and when downloaded, players can see the progress of the download. They add new things players can try out and the events. They also fix glitches and heighten hack detection. Nexon shuts down the whole game until the patch is successfully installed into the system. They are typically announced around a week before they are placed into the game.

  • Maintenance Patch

This kind of patch are installed passively onto the players' computer. These patches ends events and fixes problems in the servers. Most Maintenance close down all servers, but some errors that seem to occur only in some channels, so other Maintenance close down only specific servers. They're announced about a few days before happening.

  • Emergency Patch

Emergency patches can be unexpected when they occur. They are required to fix major errors, like players aren't able to log into the game at all. Emergency status mostly close down the whole game until the error can be resolved by Nexon and the game producers.

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