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A highly potent Viral Bomb. It has the ability to slow, and possibly kill, anyone who breathes in the toxins
  — Game Description 

The Concentrated BioChem Bomb was released in Combat Arms Europe alongside the Fireteam map Dead Water/Infected Ship. It can be accessed by completing Dead Water on Extreme.


The Concentrated BioChem Bomb slows down all enemies who take damage from the gas. It seems to combine effects of Stun Grenades, G7A Gas grenades and M-23F Incendiary grenades; the green gas slows down all opponents and effects of the gas linger after walking out of the cloud.

It is also capable of dealing critical damage in the form of headshots.



BioChem Bomb
Concentrated BioChem Bomb


Bronze III
BioChem Bomb
Silver I
Concentrated BioChem Bomb


  • Currently, the kill feed can glitch, resulting in either a random weapon icon being shown or even no weapon icon at all.
  • The gas has no effect on Fireteam Infected. Points will not be accrued even if they walk through the gas produced by the grenade. However, the gas has an effect on Quarantine Regen Infected. It is unknown whether or not this functionality is a glitch.
  • The vial is identical to the Infected Samples obtained from the Infected Ship/Dead Water mission.
  • The Concentrated BioChem Bomb, along with all other gas grenades, does not affect players with a spawn shield.
  • Though the description says that the gas emitted by the bomb is the Infection Virus, player that are killed by it do not reanimate as the Infected.
  • Allies are also slowed down by the gas, although no damage is dealt unless friendly fire is on.
  • Players affected by the Concentrated BioChem Bomb will have their screen go black due to incompatible graphics cards that are incapable of dealing with green screen flashes.


  • Concentrated Green Gas Bomb.