Commando Vest

Main commando vest

NX cost
Not available for purchase
Mercenary-exclusive (Hauser)

All-purpose Protection: Armor +20%

Speed -9%

The Commando Vest is vest that is exclusive to Hauser.

It provides an incredible defense of +20%, with a penalty of -9% speed. 


Using Hauser in small maps such as Junk Flea or Death Room allows you to tank ambushes up close, since they happen fairly often. Players can withstand the attacks until they have time to react and kill their assailant.

This can also be useful for ambushing other players yourself, since many tactics don't require any movement or speed at all. Therefore, even if you are shot at point-blank range with the L96A1, you can easily shake it off and take out your enemy. 

Because Hauser can equip a hat as well as a face item, it is highly recommended to take advantage of it. Without a backpack penalty, a Cyclops Bandana will reduce your speed loss to 2%. This, coupled with some Anti-Flash Goggles, will end up giving you a 1% speed boost. To improve your defensive capabilities instead of speed, go with any items that protect against headshot protection - as well as flash, gas, or fire. 


  • Formerly, there was a 13% penalty in speed, which is now buffed to a 9% percent penalty, making this better than the Tanker Vest.
  • The Commando Vest is really nothing at all, except for Hauser's shirt and bandolier. Many players have asserted that the protection comes from his abs rather than his vest.

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