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Br De Fr
Main combat vest
Combat Vest
GP cost

30 Days - 13,650 GP

90 Days - 37,800 GP

NX cost

30 Days - 2,900 NX

90 Days - 5,900 NX


Ico rank08 02Sergeant First Class/II


Below Average


Speed +4%

An updated version of the Medium Vest, featuring greater speed with no defensive penalty.
  — Item Description 

The Combat Vest is a vest that was added in the 5-12-10 Supply Drop. It is the NX variant of the Default Medium Vest.


The Combat Vest offers no armor reduction while increasing the wearer's speed by 4%. It is an ideal vest for a player who wants speed, but no armor deduction.


  • The Combat Vest can be considered to be the sister of the Assault Vest, as they both give a boost to either armor or speed without a big penalty to the other stat.
  • The Combat Vest is the third Vest to come pre-colored gray. The Recon Vest is the first one, while the Tanker Vest is second.
  • The coat of the uniform turns in to a plain color when using it (black with Tiger Stripe Camo, dark grey with Urban Camo and so on) as seen with the other "newer" vests.
  • The Combat Vest is also known as a Advanced Medium Vest.
  • The Combat Vest looks very similar to the Recon Vest. The only visual differences are the two ammo pouches on each side of the vest.

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