A player's Combat Score represents their achievements so far in the game. There are currently 5 obtainable medals in 17 different subcategories. A player's combat score can be found on their profile on the CA website.

Achievement Medal

  • Combat Score: 1

Commendation Medal

  • Combat Score: 3

Star Medal

  • Combat Score: 5

Cross Medal

  • Combat Score: 10

Honor Medal

  • Combat Score: 25



  • Overall Kills
  • Overall Headshots
  • Overall Matches Played
  • Overall Matches Won

Game Mode

  • Overall Flags Captured
  • Overall Bombs Exploded
  • Overall Bombs Defused
  • Overall Successful Uploads
  • Overall Super Spies Killed
  • Overall Infected
  • Overall Matches Survived as Human
  • Overall Infected Slayed


  • Multi-Kills
  • Ultra-Kills
  • Fantastic
  • Unbelievable

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