A127 Combat Goggles

The Combat Helmet and a pair of Goggles makes a soldier ready anytime!

A bulletproof helmet that greatly decreases the damage occurred when struck on the head (headshot).
  — The Arsenal 

The Combat Helmet is a Head gear item, used by many players looking for cheap, but useful protection. Like the MICH, this helmet decreases the damage taken when shot in the head by 20%. A Combat Helmet looks very much like the MICH, as its color changes to match with the wearer's equipped Uniform, but it doesn't have a pre-attached pair of Goggles (though it looks more "stylish" to buy a separate pair of goggles with the Combat Helmet) or an attached headset.

Due to its headshot protection, the creators of the game have added a Staff Sergeant/I Rank Requirement on the helmet as a "reward" for more experienced players.

Despite claiming to give headshot protection, this helmet as well as all others,still gets you killed from a single shot to the head. It's not the helmet's fault however, because any damage to the head automatically causes over 100 damage to the user. The only thing that the helmet does is reduce the percentage of the damage caused.



GP Standard
Combat Helmet
Tactical Helmet
Bonehead Helmet
Force Recon Helmet
Clan Helmet
Pilot Helmet
Skull Helmet
VBSS Helmet
Force Warrior Helmet
NX Standard
VBSS Helmet
Force Warrior Helmet
Ballistic Helmet
Elite 2nd Anniversary Helmet (Brazil)
NX Rare
Reinforced Force Recon Helmet
Reinforced Force Warrior Helmet
2nd Anniversary Helmet
2nd Anniversary Helmet (Brazil)

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