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Br De Fr
Main combat beanie
Combat Beanie
GP cost

1 Day - 200 GP

7 Days - 980 GP

30 Days - 3,900 GP

90 Days - 10,800 GP


Ico rank09 02Master Sergeant/II




Speed +3%

Increases movement speed by 3%
  — The Arsenal 

The Combat Beanie is a hat that can be bought from the Shop.


While it provides no protection, it was the first item in the game to provide a speed boost. However, it is the lowest speed boost in the game for a hat, with only +3%.

Similar to the Military Bandana, this item's color will match the theme of the wearer's uniform (olive green for woodland and default, gray for urban, white for arctic, and tan for desert). 

Combat Beanies have since lost their popularity in favor of free items such as the Elite 4th or Elite 5th Anniversary Cap, which comes with a far greater speed boost.



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